We cordially invite you to celebrate the upcoming

5th anniversary of

marriage equality with us and our goal of

 supporting those organizations

that continue to fight for



  a film, book, podcast and experiential project 

JustMarried celebrates a major moment in our cultural and political history — the day when LGBTQ couples gained a basic human right: the right to marry the partners they loved. 


JustMarried will be a celebration in multiple formats: a podcast, a book, a fashion show and a film.  Through vivid storytelling, behind-the-scenes content, and intimate interviews & profiles, JustMarried will provide an ongoing stream of marquee stories celebrating the greatest civil rights movement of the new century. A one-of-a-kind project, the events of JustMarried will make 2020 a twelve-month-long festival of love, determination and human connection.


The JustMarried project will also point out an undeniable fact: 

Even though the marriage equality battle was won, the fight is ongoing. 

Join us as we celebrate and work to preserve marriage equality and this eternal human truth: 

Love is Love  




Defiant and courageous voices stepped forward, opening their private heartbreaks, struggles, and hopes for public consumption. Unimaginable love stories, from every imaginable walk of life, forged forward, in search of community belonging.  One common thread linked all: the desire for dignity. 

Collectively, these great love stories helped transform a seemingly radical movement to one truly affirming that love is love.

General release, pre-election, fall 2020, with a series of celebratory previews nationwide.


december 2019

Just Married: The Great Love Stories of Marriage Equality
Listen here for heart wrenching and exhilarating spoken-word stories that need to be preserved. Each are gifted from people across the country, reliving their intimate and personal fight for equality.  December, 2019 release for advance promotion of film, book and fashion show, running through December, 2020


fashion show

april 2020

A wedding themed fashion show featuring some of the most iconic designers known today.
The beautiful and inspiringly creative, LGBT+ exclusively focused extravaganza, will spring forth at the beginning of NYC bridal week, April 2020, to be held at the New York Public Library. Curated by celebrated VIP atelier consultant Cerise Henzes. 


june 2020

Just Married:  The Great Love Stories of Marriage Equality, 

Original, personal narratives immerse this coffee-table book in tragic and triumphant stories that won equality while spotlighting the currently unfolding barrage of aggression on  LGBT+ equality today.

Exclusive interviews by Kevin Sessums, featuring archival photos and new imagery by Frankie Frankeny, Produced by award-winning publishing director Leslie Stoker and releasing during pride weeks in multiple US cities


Let's Get Engaged

San Francisco


Creative Director

Frankie Frankeny  


Los Angeles

Executive Producer/Partnerships 

Angela Wilson Gyetvan  



Producer Sponsorships & Fundraising

Lynn Mueting 


New York

Jason Dorn Producer Experiential Events 

Jason Dorn


Curator Fashion Show

Cerise Henzes 


Literary Agent

Leslie Stoker